Larry StikfasWant Larry to visit you? If so, you can add your Name and Address using the Mailing List form below. Please do not add your Name and Address to this form if you do not intend to help Larry with his journey. Larry Stikfas is a Chain Stikfas, and you will be asked to pay for his postage to the next person on the Mailing List. Whilst Larry and his transport weigh less than 1 lb in weight, the average cost within the USA will be $3 - $4.05 depending on the distance involved.

If the next address is overseas, we will ask you first if you want to pay for Larry's journey to a new land. Should you decide not to, you will just need to return him home and we will take care of his overseas travel arrangements. Please, remember that the success of the Traveling Stik Project depends on your honesty and enthusiasm to help Larry. This is a truly unique community project and we hope to build a memorable moment in Stikfas history.

Privacy Policy - Your Name & Address will only be shared with the care giver of Larry, who is preceding you from the Mailing List, so he or she can mail Larry to you. Once this is done, your name and address are removed from the List and it is not shared with anyone else or any third parties. To be sent the next name on the Mailing List please read the letter that arrives with Larry as it contains a unique code that allows us to double check that your are entertaining Larry.

Once again, your Email Address is not shared with any third parties, and any contact made from The Traveling Stik will be with an email asking if you’ve received Larry or asking you to send Larry on his journey. Please be rest assured that we never share your email address or your information with any third parties.



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