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Hello and welcome to The Traveling Stik. The official home on the internet for Larry Stikfas. Larry is a Stikfas with a travel bug that has a wander lust to see the world. Here you can learn all about his travels, the people he meets, the places he visits and the real cool thing is, it's all in your hands.

That's right. The Traveling Stik is a Stikfas Community Project, and where he travels, and who he visits is really up to you!!! You have the ability to have Larry visit you with just a simple request. All you need to do is join the mailing list and agree to help Larry with his travels around the world. Larry Stikfas is in effect a chain Stikfas. Once you receive him and he has completed his visit with you, it's now up to you pass him onto the next person in line. This is your chance to be highlighted here with Larry as he visits your hometown to see the wonderful sights. To learn more, visit our About Larry & Ask For Larry sections.

Where will Larry go?

What will Larry do?

That's completely up to you!!!

We hope that you take part in this fun project and help Larry travel the World One Mailbox at a Time. It is our hope, and Larry's, that he will one day visit the Stikfas HQ in Singapore, but along the way he wants to meet as many Stikfas Fans and fellow Stikfas as he can.

We hope you will join us and contribute to his adventures.