A Postcard from New York - These pictures were taken during Larry's stay with Donald from Brooklyn, NY- 10/14/2006. As Donald as his guide Larry visited Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and various New York Stikfas. Thank you Donald for hosting Larry on this part of this trip and for sending so many pictures of his visit.

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Meeting the Resident Stikfas By the Home Studio What a Beautiful Guitar Rocking out with house band Getting Mellow by the Rock Garden
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Meeting some other Residents Nice Keyboard Nice Guitar, but too big for me Other Studio friends I'm Batman
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Sneaking up on Whitey Larry meet Whitey - Nice rack Whitey Meeting the SDCC Bear Doing Jumps with Blacky In Front of the Empire State Building
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Inside the Empire State Building Looking up at the Mural Looking up at the Empire State Building Out front of the Jim Haneleys Universe - Local NYC Comic Shop There's the Sign
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The Empire State Building from 33rd Street Corner of 33rd & Broadway - Check out the Macy's Sign On Broadway Outside Madison Square Gardens Hey Creator ;)
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Madison Square Garden Theater Vendors Booth Inside the Garden Taking a rest on a Team schedule The sitting at the Knicks
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Darn... The ticket booth is closed NY Rangers Mural The Knicks The Liberty The Rangers
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Time for Coffee At the information booth - Any Stikfas local? 38.jpg In the Manhatten Mall Waiting on the Subway
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Here is the train Lets hop on My first Subway ride Caught blogging the days events

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