A Postcard from Baltimore - These pictures were taken a day after Larry Stikfas Creation Day - 08/06/2006, we decided to take him down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor to enjoy the sights and sounds. We hope it gives you are few ideas of what type of pictures you can take with Larry Stikfas on his visits with you. Enjoy and be sure we will be adding more galleries as Larry starts his journey.

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My First Landmark Can you see me? On Top of the Terrapin Inner Harbor Lots of Water
06 07 08 09 10
Photo Opportunity Trying not to slid off the Cannon My Creators Home is Far-Far away Nice View On Top of the World
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I can see my Creators Home from here Wow... Its a big, big world Checking Email And of course my blog Getting into position - its not easy being 3inches high
16 17 18 19 20
My Creators Girlfriend My Creator It Comes in Pints? I'll be a Minute Ahh... What a way to end the day

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