A Postcard from Atomica08 - These pictures were taken around early April 2007 during Larry's stay with Jake (aka Atomica08) from the Stikfas Asylum boards. Atomica is a huge customizer and Larry got to met almost of his creations, including Atomica08 in Stikfas form!!  

check_my_new_ride_ help_im_being_kidnapped_by_a_mecha_ i_got_a_quick_photo_with_atomica08s_prototypes_ marty_mcfly_what_you_doing_here_ raidens_here_to_protect_me_from_mechas_
secret_hoverbike_proto_no_one_will_find_out_ spector_and_dasher_ tactical_cylons_help_ way_hay_i_found_an_silver_easter_bunny_ welcome_to_atomica08_s

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