Larry StikfasThe Inception of Larry:
Larry Stikfas is a 3 inch high Traveler. He was created on August 6th, 2006 with a wanderlust to see the world and meet as many people as he can.

As you may of guessed Larry is a Stikfas Action Figure Custom. These fun Action Figure kits come in many different styles from Fire Fighters to Ninjas. The Stikfas have amazing articulation and are able to be put into many real world poses. As you can see from Larry, Stikfas, are perfect for custom builders.

Larry StikfasLarry's Dream:
Larry Stikfas wants to travel the world to meet new people, new Stikfas and to see as many sights as he can. He, however, needs your help to do this.

As you may have guessed, Larry is a chain Stikfas - like a chain letter (but without the stupid bad luck/omen attached). To receive Larry click on the Ask for Larry link and fill in the form to join his mailing list. By doing this you are agreeing to help Larry on his travels and will be joining the queue of people waiting to meet Larry. Once you receive him, you will also be provided instructions about how to retrieve the next mailing address. Once Larry has finished his visit, just put him back in the box, and mail him onto the next address.

While he is visiting you, we encourage you to submit pictures of Larry out and about. For instance, meeting you, meeting your Stikfas and generally seeing the sights. See our Postcard from Baltimore for ideas of what to do with Larry and some of the fun picture ideas you can create. Larry is a pure Stikfas Fan Driven Project. We want to see how far he can go and if indeed, we can get him to the Stikfas HQ in Singapore and back again. Whilst along the way, he'll be meeting as many Stikfas fans as he can. Sounds like quite an adventure doesn't it?

Now where will Larry go next? Its up to you...

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